Felt Skull Halloween Pillow {Target Knock-Off}

Two days ago I was strolling through Target, which is a bi-weekly occurrence…I know I may have a problem!  While on my journey through the store I noticed they were starting to unpack the Halloween merchandise, woo hoo!  Besides the endless rows of candy which I do not need, was one sad half stocked isle full of decor items.  I spotted this super cute mini felt pillow…
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Then I looked at the price tag!  What!?!  $10 for felt?  No thank you, especially when I can do it myself.  So I quickly snapped a photo and went on my way.  Headed over to Michaels for some felt, and embroidery floss.  Went home and got busy.  
First I drew my own skull pattern based off the Target pillow version and cut it out of card stock to use as my template for the felt.  

I chose to use a charcoal gray felt since my couch pillows will be gray & cream chevron soon.  I used a cream felt for the skull, and cream embroidery floss for the edges.  

I cut the gray felt in to a square approx. 9.5″ x 9″.  I pinned my skull and crossbones that I had cut out of the cream felt to my gray piece.  

Then I sewed it all around the edges with a contrasting thread color (gray).  Once the skull was sewn on I placed the two pieces of felt together and sewed them together with about a 1/2″ seem allowance.  I left enough room to stuff it with some left over batting that I had in the garage.  

Once it was stuffed to my liking I sewed the rest of it closed and then got to work on the edges.  I didn’t know how to do a blanket stitch so what did I do?  Looked it up on Pinterest of course!  This tutorial found HERE was super easy to follow and I had it down in just a minute.  I did the blanket stitch around all the edges, and I was done.  

I know my corners are probably not right, but I kind of liked it.  I am even sharing my skull template with you, you can find it HERE and print it out, it’s not the greatest of qualities but it does the trick.

I love how cute these pillows turned out, they are small and petite and perfect for simple Halloween decorations.  When I posted the mine vs. Target pic on Instagram yesterday I got a great response saying that they actually preferred mine over Targets version.  Woo Hoo!  I love being inspired by something I see in a store, and going home and recreating it at a much more budget friendly price!

My total cost for this pillow:  $1 for felt + $0.39 for embroidery floss, I spent a whopping $1.39 instead of $20!  

Tip:  Buy inexpensive bed pillows from Walmart and use the batting from inside of them.


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    I totally love your version better than the more expensive Target version! Ironically, your pillow actually looks MORE expensive and fancy and makes the mass produced one pale in comparison.

    Charcoal was a great choice! Great job overall, my dear!



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