DIY Skateboard Shelves

Well Corbyn’s new room reveal will be coming soon.  That is if I get off my booty and get the final touches done!  Ha.  That’s my goal over the next couple weeks.  I’m still searching for fun accessories to add to the room.  Corbyn decided about 6 months ago he wanted a new room, he’s had a beach theme since birth.  I quickly agreed.  He even helped to purchase some of his new bedding as a contribution to the change.  The room is more of modge podge of cool things now…skateboards, skulls, rock n’ roll, guitars, fun quirky accessories, etc…  The full room reveal with come later, but I wanted to show you his awesome new skateboard shelves.  I’ve had this idea for years and wanted to do it, and I’m so glad I finally am able to use it in his room. 

I looked everywhere for inexpensive, and by inexpensive I really mean CHEAP skateboards.  I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on his room change so as always I hunted for a bargain.  I originally found $9 skateboards at Target, but they only came in lime green & orange with a maple wood colored board.  Which was fine, but the green wasn’t going to be used in his room and I wanted the two shelves to be different colors.  I finally searched and found OP brand skateboards for $10 each in great colors.  Corbyn’s new room is grey & black, with red & aqua accents.  So I lucked out and found a blue skateboard, and a red’ish one (it’s really almost bordering pink, but it still looks good).  The furniture in his room is maple colored so the boards echo that. 

I had purchased some plastic black L-Brackets from Ikeaseveral months ago with this project in mind.  I decided to paint them the same color as the wall so they blended in better and didn’t stand out too much.  They were only $0.50 each at Ikea.

Here’s what you will do:

Start by measuring how far apart your L-Brackets need to be when hung.  I measured inside each one of the skateboard trucks with the wheels.  Make sure to use good anchors and place the anchors where you will need to screw the L-Bracket to the wall.  Make sure they are level!  When you have your L-Brackets attached you can just set your skateboard on top.  My brackets are actually a snug fit and won’t move unless someone takes the skateboards off.  You can chose to screw your L-Brackets directly in to the bottoms of each skateboard, I chose not to in case we ever wanted to actually use the skateboards for skateboarding.  You will need shorter screws to attach the board to the L-Bracket so you don’t go through the top of the board.  That’s it your done!  They are really fun shelves and Corbyn loves them. 


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