Stuffed Kitty Pillow


If you have been following me on
Instagram or on Facebook over the past week you have heard me talk about sweet little Lexi.  She is the three year old
daughter of my friend Becky.  Last Thursday Lexi underwent a very invasive surgery to remove the right side of her brain to eliminate seizures caused by her epilepsy. The day before her surgery I made her this sweet little Stuffed Kitty Pillow to help her recovery go a bit easier.  
Lexi has a gray kitty at home who is the family pet, the cat’s name is Kia.  Kia is Lexi’s best friend, she sits with her before – during – and after seizures.  It’s the sweetest and most amazing thing.  So not having her Kia kitty at the hospital during recovery will be tough. So I made this gray little kitty to be there for Lexi to hug and hold when things get rough.  

HERE is the template I used to create this kitty.  It was super easy.  I just enlarged the pattern to fit one cat on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and printed it out.  

Then cut out my two pieces of fabric.  

Next I used some black embroidery floss and created the face.  I first drew on it with a white colored pencil so I had a guideline (this can be washed off with a damp cloth when your done).  I used a piece of felt for the nose and stitched it on with the embroidery floss as well.  

Once your done with the kitty’s face just sew your two pieces together (right sides together), flip it right side out and stuff with polyfill.  I used a chopstick to get it in to the tail.  Once your done and ready to close it up you will use a ladder stitch to sew it shut.  

It turned out so sweet and it was the perfect size for Lexi to hold.  Before giving it to her I added a big pink bow around the kitty’s neck, not necessary to add but it sure made it look even cuter.  I hope Lexi enjoys this kitty, but I know they can’t wait until she gets to go home and be with her real Kia Kitty.  
If you would like to read more about Lexi’s story you can go HERE!  There is also opportunities to help financially if that is something you are interested in.  Prayers for Lexi’s recovery are also very much appreciated.  She is doing amazing so far, and God is truly creating a miracle in her!


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    Hi Rebecca, I discovered your kitty pillow via Pinterest and liked it so much I have made my own version and posted it on my blog, linking back to you. Thank you for posting and for the PDF.

    Barbara xx


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